Worldwide 1. recording of the artsongs by the Austrian composer Guntolf Palten (born in 1927). New compositions to German rococo poems and French 18th century shepherd songs Bergerettes.


Simona Eisinger, soprano

Manfred Schiebel, piano


Label: Preiser Records

Code: PR91404

Publication Date: 5.10.2018

Prize: 17,90 EUR excl. shipping costs

SOULMATES - Artsongs by Rachmaninow, Schumann and Strauss

Artsongs of each of the three composers are recorded on a different historical concert grand in order to do even more justice to the special sound of the songs and also to the period in history in which they were composed.

Ehrbar, 1878 for Sergei Rachmaninow

Streicher, 1847 for Robert Schumann

Bösendorfer, 1893 for Richard Strauss 


Simona Eisinger, soprano

Zuzana Ferjencikova, piano


Label: Schwechentstein Records

Code: 60-6102

Publication Date: 27.10.2017

Prize: 17,90 EUR excl. shipping costs